Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How google would generate new ideas

"An idea can change the world". But to have such an idea, you may need to pay your life. If you go with mathematical real analysis concept, the equation would transform to "one whole life would change the world".
So any inventor could have dream to get an idea, which could change the world. So, I could say, one idea is the most valuable stuff in the world. It may costs your life and will save lots of lives.
Google, the new generation platform for internet world. Google, started as a search engine and then become internet giant. We all will wonder when they come up with new products and idea. I always wonder, who pumps these much of ideas to them.

There might be lot many researches went on to trap the Google's idea treasure. Many assumptions or perceptions brought out by those researchers.

Today, I have started my day with a new idea. I discussed it with my friend. My friend asked me to search it on Google.
I compile the search string on Google, and before hitting the enter key I paused my self from doing so.

You know why ?

I got a spark, that why should I submit my new idea to Google corporation, though you are not intended to do so ?
Yes, if you are searching a new string, there can be mechanism to store it in Google servers to verify for a new idea to implement. I mean, if you search with new search string for finding similar items presented any where in the world. And when you found no similar idea available in internet, you got the trigger to start the research on the perception that, you are the only man knowing about it.
But is it really true ?
I believe there is another invisible, but more powerful man than you, seeing everything, obviously i didn't mean the God, behind the screen. Yes!!! Google eyes should closely watching it.

Their search engine could be the real treasure for their ideas, that change the world. Their algorithm might be like this.
1- Get the search string.
2- Check for unique or no search result.
3- Google will have a database for interested domain
4- Check for the string match with any of the data kept in Google interested domain.
5- If the new string matches with the Google's interest, take it to expert desk for further analysis.
6- Hence a new idea could be generated

The all above are my guess. I don't have any evidence for the above thoughts.